Canvas & Orchids Retreat | The Ultimate Cambodian Eco-Lodge

Canvas & Orchids Retreat is a unique luxury Cambodian eco-lodge located in the Kingdom of Wonder. Our collection of floating and on-land tented villas will provide you with a once in a lifetime experience in the beauty and splendour of the Cardamom Rainforest.

We were the first in the world to place luxury tents on floating pontoons and each tented villa has been designed to provide you with the highest levels of comfort, quality and luxury. Much of the furniture has been crafted from durable water hyacinth plant that grows abundantly in the area and there are private sundecks on each of the floating tent structures. Our Island Tents are specifically designed for young families to enjoy.

You will experience the highest standard of service, care and accommodation on the bank of the Tatai River, surrounded by the magnificent Cardamom Mountains. Our dedicated, professional team is here to welcome you and ensure your time with us filled with relaxation, wonder and incredible memories.

Within minutes of arrival, you’ll feel the calmness and tranquillity wash over you. Listen to the gentle sound of the river and the orchestral soundtrack of the wildlife – birds, insects, monkeys and perhaps even an elephant if you listen closely enough.

You will spend your days relaxing on your private sundeck, jumping into the refreshing water, kayaking, venturing into the rainforest for tours and activities, and enjoying local and Western-style cuisine. Our chefs at the Canvas & Orchids Restaurant are eager to share some of their local recipes with you and take great pride in serving dishes that have been handed down through the generations.

Culture and tradition are very important to us in the Koh Kong region of Cambodia. We are eager to show you all that the area has to offer, from the magnificent waterfalls to the fascinating nature trails. We are always excited to show you animals and plants you may never have seen before, or taste herbs and spices that you have never even heard of. Learning about our country through food and facts is an exciting experience for all our visitors. The first time they try a local Khmer sauce or hear the sound of a wild monkey always brings a smile to our faces.

Whether you want a romantic break or wish to bring a group of friends and family for a celebration, we can cater for all your needs. Come and enjoy the peace and quiet of the water, jungle and forest that surrounds us. Enjoy a trip downstream in one of our kayaks, or spend your time sunbathing on your private sundeck. Perhaps you would like to join a nature trip with one of our expert guides? For the adventurous, there are treks through the jungle or up the impressive Ta Kiev Mountain. One of our most popular relaxing activities is the sunset cruise. This is a magical excursion as you watch the colours of both the sky and the river change before your eyes as the sun slowly disappears. Fireflies start to appear as the final red glow fades on the water, and their energetic, illuminating dance is sure to mesmerise you.

Our Concept

We specifically designed Canvas & Orchids Retreat to bring calmness, serenity, indulgence and luxury to you. As the morning bird song gently fills the air, and the gentle river delicately rocks the floating tents, you are warmly reminded that you slept in the lush nature of the Cambodian countryside. Nature surrounds each tent and as you gaze upon the beauty and splendour of the view from the comfort of your bed, you may never want to leave.

Our Cambodian eco-lodge was meticulously built to be as environmentally friendly as possible, whilst providing the highest service and ultimate relaxation. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and strive to deliver unique holiday to all who stay with us. Our 13 Floating and Island Tents are equipped with all you need to enjoy the backdrop that will enhance every moment of your time with us. Rest, relax and immerse yourself in our luxury resort that was built with love, dedication and care for our environment.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Travel

We work together with our neighbours on a number of community and conservation projects, as well as eco-tourism activities. Everyone at Canvas & Orchids Retreat works hard to protect and conserve our little piece of paradise. We regularly conduct clean-up projects to ensure that the natural beauty of the area is always a top priority.

We know that travel around the world can have a detrimental effect on many destinations but through hard work, information-sharing and environmental concern, Canvas & Orchids Retreat is committed to caring for our delicate ecosystem.

We work closely with our local neighbours and communities, ensuring their livelihoods and sustained income. We have learned so much from them and have instilled much of their knowledge into making Canvas & Orchids Retreat as environmentally friendly as possible. Our team is focused on conservation, education and sustainability in order to protect our beautiful, serene surroundings.

Our Commitment to You

You, dear Guest, are our priority and we strive to create a unique and unforgettable holiday destination for everyone who stays aboard Canvas & Orchids Retreat in the lush Cambodian jungle. As you connect with nature and serenity at our Cambodian eco-lodge, our team will focus on all your needs to ensure you enjoy one of the most unique and exclusive adventures of your life.

Join us for the warmest of welcomes, the tastiest of cuisine and the highest level of service and care.


Of all the holiday accommodations you can dream of, nothing comes close to sleeping in a luxurious floating tent that bobs gently on the tranquil water of the Tatai river.


Be mesmerised by the amazing sights and cacophony of sounds of this magnificent cloudforest with its colourful and rare inhabitants.

Discover Our Tours and Activities

Canvas & Orchids Retreat | The Ultimate Cambodian Eco-Lodge

Tatai Waterfalls

Visit the famous Tatai waterfall, also called Nature’s Spa, on a serene boat trip down the Tatai River.

Be bold and climb the mighty rocks or simply relax to the sound of rushing water. A great way to refresh after a jungle hike.

Canvas & Orchids Retreat | The Ultimate Cambodian Eco-Lodge

Jungle Trek

Following an early morning coffee, we’ll venture into the rainforest and listen to the rainforest symphony on our dawn jungle trek.

You’ll kayak upstream, then hike through the lush jungle, witnessing all the incredible flora and fauna that can be found there.

Canvas & Orchids Retreat | The Ultimate Cambodian Eco-Lodge

Sunset Cruise

Join us on our daily sunset cruise on the River Tatai to admire Cambodia’s bold, bright, and colourful sunset.

It’s the perfect way to transition into evening and start your night with a spark of magic.

What Our Guests Are Saying

“We stayed here for 2 nights of our honeymoon. It is literally paradise.”


“I thoroughly recommend staying here… Everyone was so helpful, it was a magical end to our trip in Cambodia.”


“Definitely a place to go back to. You and your staff should all be proud of what you have created.”