Rainforest Symphony – Dawn Jungle Trek

Following a quick, energising early morning coffee, grab your camera and we’ll venture into the rainforest, listening to its symphony on our dawn jungle trek. You’ll kayak upstream, then hike through the lush jungle witnessing all the incredible flora and fauna that can be found there.

The Dawn Jungle Trek is offered on a daily basis for two guests or more.

It’s your time to shine if you’re a bird watcher or early riser!

Enjoy firsthand the sights and sounds of the jungle as you venture forth into the undergrowth with your camera and experience the beauty of one of the world’s largest rainforests.

This trek offers a taste of the true jungle, an opportunity to observe small wildlife and birds, with the added bonus of some early morning exercise. You’ll get a real sense of achievement, whilst enjoying the early morning coolness of your beautiful surroundings.

After an early coffee in Canvas & Orchids Restaurant kayak upstream in the small channel right behind Canvas & Orchids Retreat. Shortly after stepping onshore, there’s a fairly steep ascent to hike for about an hour. Near the top, we’ll take a short break in a clearing to rest and enjoy the surroundings before returning to the lodge just in time for breakfast.

You may spot snakes, scorpions and spiders on the hike; some of which may be poisonous. However, there’s nothing to worry about as these creatures are shy and left alone will avoid human contact. Respect for nature and a live and let live policy are adopted.

Departure time:

About 7 am


2 – 3 hours OR as long as you are still enjoying yourselves


Hiking boots, a hat or a cap, sunscreen, mosquito repellent


Local guide, coffee, bottled water


The tour can only be taken in the dry season, from November to May

Minimum participants:


* Number of participants are subject to boat and guide availability.