After a hot, dry season from October to April, it’s time for the rainy season in Cambodia. The country is blessed with rains that come and wash away the dust, quenches the dry earth and brings some relief from the high temperatures of the hot season.

Also known as ‘green season’, the rainy season refreshes the countryside, then the rice paddies and jungles flourish in all shades of lush green. It’s a breathtaking beautiful time of year in Cambodia, which along with the evening soundtrack of frogs and geckos makes it a wonderful time to visit.

When is the Rainy Season in Cambodia

The rainy season in Cambodia starts from early May and lasts until October. Thanks to the southwest monsoon, 75% of Cambodia’s rain falls during this time. Don’t let the rainy season dampen your holiday plans though, especially when you stay at our cosy resort, Canvas & Orchids Retreat.

The rain appears only as a couple of fresh showers a day, although sometimes they do turn into short-lived storms. The rain usually comes in the afternoon or early evening and brings cooler weather, a relief as it gets quite hot in the dry season. This allows you to enjoy our tours, dining and outdoor activities without the sweat.

Cardamom Mountains During Rainy Season in Cambodia

In the rainy season, the Tatai Waterfall in the Cardamom Mountains reaches the peak of its power and beauty. Spectacular torrents of water gush over the 6-metre high rocks, thundering down as a milky 50-meter wide curtain. This display, put on by the forces of nature, is a must-see during the wet season. The rapids are also safe enough for an adventurous kayak trip down the river, passing through the tranquil jungle.

It is rare that the rain stops anyone from exploring the natural surroundings during the day. But if it does, you could indulge in a full-body traditional Khmer massage at Canvas & Orchids Retreat instead. As you’re pampered breathe in the refreshing smell of the rain and listen to it’s comforting patter. Our masseuse will immerse you in a deep state of relaxation during the one-hour session where you leave behind all the stresses of everyday life. Rain showers also offer a good opportunity to spend some quiet time reading in the comfort of your lounge, play a game or catch up with a movie in your tent.

Experiencing the Cambodia rainy season is one of the delights of glamping and enjoying what nature has to offer. The skies during the rainy spells are a show of colours, from clear blue to billowing dark clouds. Avid photographers will want to capture one of the most amazing sunsets that occur during this time. As the sky breaks into red, yellow and orange hues and clouds create crepuscular rays, you’ll want to cherish the moment in this most romantic setting.

For those who endeavour to travel sustainably, Canvas & Orchids Retreat is a unique destination that aligns with your environmental consciousness. There is so much to see and do even in this traditionally low tourist season.

This is also a great time to take advantage of lower prices and the long summer school holidays, so come explore our website and start planning your trip to the Cardamom Mountains and Tatai River in Koh Kong Province, Cambodia!

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