Cambodia is known for its ecological wonders. Large swaths of unspoiled nature offer exclusive sights into secluded havens like the Cardamom Mountains. The tropical jungles that stretch throughout the country offer unique opportunities to glimpse rare wildlife and to enjoy the simplistic, yet rich environment. Canvas & Orchids Retreat offers the best place of where to stay in Cardamom Mountains.

The Best Cardamom Mountains Accommodation

The best Cardamom Mountains accommodation has to be Canvas & Orchids Retreat, the World’s first tented hotel. We aim to deliver not just a hotel service, but an experience that incorporates the feeling of sharing in this beautiful landscape that surrounds us.
The concept of our hotel was intended to enhance the natural aura of the Cambodian jungles–not deplete it. We’re dedicated to providing the closest, true experience in luxury travel, combined with an authentic sense of appreciation and discovery for the beautiful world in which we live.

The Cardamom Mountains, Tatai River and The World’s First Tented Hotel

Guests at Canvas & Orchids Retreat experience a total immersion into the Cambodian rainforests, from sleeping on the river to participating in jungle excursions. Our tented villas float directly on the Tatai River, so guests are continuously surrounded by nature. They’re even able to jump into the river from their tented terrace if they please. Each villa is fully equipped with a flat-screen TV, DVD player, mini-bar stocked with drinks and snacks, plus much more.

Dedicated, professional staff will cater to every need. Guests are guaranteed a unique visit steeped in the unknowns offered by Cambodia’s nature.

Activities at Canvas & Orchids Retreat

A large part of the authentic holiday we offer comes from our many activities that offer unparalleled glimpses inside a rainforest’s daily life. Drift downstream on kayaks, see the night sky burst into life during our sunset cruise, or hike beneath the looming silhouettes of the Cardamom.

Cambodia is brimming with life but not all you encounter will be wild animals. Joining our tented villas on Koh Andet island is a small peaceful farming community. Guests can receive guided tours of the island, meeting the indigenous people and forming cultural bonds. This strengthens the deep experience our resort creates. We offer a wide range of tours and activities, all intended to further enhance the quality of your cultural catharsis.

Jungle Trek

Early risers can enjoy a morning hike through the jungle that surrounds our luxury resort. Kicking off at 7:00 am, we encourage participants to bring cameras to capture this unique trip, and hiking boots to navigate the thick undergrowth. As you trek you’ll be treated to a jungle symphony of morning noises, and cabarets of colorful birds, snakes, and spiders.

Tatai Waterfall

We recommend guests visit Tatai waterfall which is about 45 minutes away from our tranquil Canvas & Orchids Retreat. Enjoy the boat ride past Tatai Village, and absorb the sights and sounds of rainforest life.

Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, hats, and of course your camera! See the roaring falls and the kayak the small waterways for the total experience.

Koh Kong Khnong

A tour to the idyllic community of Koh Kong Khnong gives an opportunity to understand the life of a small fishing village. We take guests inside the town’s school, pagoda, and even some private homes. This trip is one of the best ways to integrate yourself with rural, Cambodian culture and people. Forming bonds across cultural gaps is one of the cornerstones of our vision.

Stay at Canvas & Orchids Retreat

Destination holidays are meant to impart some degree of appreciation for the native peoples and cultures. We don’t want guests to miss out on any chance to learn more about the different ways of life in this world.

Choosing to stay in our floating lodges means you have chosen to submerge yourself beneath the waves of Cambodian culture. Get the best combination of both a luxury resort and authentic civilization at Canvas & Orchids Retreat.

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