Jungle Reclaimed – A Preview to the Reforested Phnom Kravanh

Outdoor adventure lovers, lace up your hiking shoes and join us for a trek in the Cardamom Mountains. See Cambodia as you’ve never seen it before, with gorgeous views of the rainforests and rivers below.

You can choose this Jungle Hike during the dry season (Nov to May) if you have a good fitness level.

Prepare your hiking boots, put on some sunscreen, you’re about to embark on a jungle, mountain discovery.

At 6.30 am, your guide will take you on a soft but challenging discovery, starting with a kayak ride to the small channel across the Resort. Your hiking starts at a small waterfall. You can be sure that your guide will notify you at the slightest sign of wildlife trace or presence.

After a two-hour hike, you would stop by the stream to rest and have breakfast.

This waterway is where we could spot several nocturnal animals, and occasionally, we can be lucky to spot some wildlife hunting for their food in broad daylight – the Asiatic Wolf or Dhole, the Clouded Leopard or the Sun Bear.

In the ’70s, after the Khmer Rouge regime, this part of The Cardamom Rainforest (Phnom Kravanh) was severely deforested and its wildlife heavily poached.

For 25 years, with the rigorous efforts of committed non-government organizations (NGOs), such as Wildlife Alliance, who tirelessly worked side by side with the government body, these forests have been allowed to regrow.

Your local guide hails from a family that used to hurt these forests, and now, they find livelihood and enjoyment in protecting it. Enjoy the hike!

Departure time:

6.30 am


4-5 hours including around 3-4 hours of hiking


Hiking boots, a hat or cap, swimming costume, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and camera


Your guide, picnic lunch, bottled water


You should NOT take this tour if you have known severe allergic reactions to insect bites, wasps, or bee bites.

Minimum participants:


** Only available from November to April; participants need to pre-book at least two (2) days before the activity.